FACEBOOK and Twitter face £40million fines for failing to remove hate content under new laws in Germany


    Germany’s new laws require internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to remove hate content, such as slander and violent threats, or face fines as high as £40million.

    Facebook will need to remove hate content within 24 hours of receiving a complaint or be fined.

    Last night top Tory Nigel Evans said Britain must stop dragging its feet and impose similar laws here.

    The ex-Commons deputy speaker said: “If Germany can do it there is no excuse the UK can’t do it as well.”

    Under what is called the Network Enforcement Act, all social media giants with more than two million users must delete violent threats and slander within a day of being alerted.

    The crackdown came into force on January 1.

    Mr Evans said it would prove there can be “no more lame excuses by any social media outlet that they cannot remove content quickly.”

    Facebook faces a double whammy in Germany, where watchdog the Federal Cartel Office has launched a probe into its business practices.

    Official Andreas Mundt said: “We have informed the company we believe it is dominating the market.

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